Letterhead Printers in Braintree, Essex

A letterhead is one of the most important pieces of printed collateral your business will need. It’s much more than just a simple means of correspondence, it is a very obvious physical representation of your company and your brand. It can say a great deal about you and is an essential part of your company’s communications strategy. A well-designed and printed letterhead lends to credibility and is a great means of displaying professionalism.

First impressions count

This means that a lot of thought needs to go into your letterhead design it. Your letterhead will be an important part of the first impression you make to potential customers. So, it must look professional; you don’t want people to assume your business is less competent and not one they want to have any dealings with. Working with a professional graphic designer and a printing company will ensure that a company gets the letterhead that they deserve.

Once the letterhead is researched and finalised, all of the stationery that the company uses must be changed to feature it. That includes changing all the stationery that the company uses for correspondence, including the envelopes, any purchase orders and invoices, compliment slips, memo pads and note pads and also updating all of the business cards that are printed for company executives and sales people.

A letterhead can also be the same as the company logo. This would necessitate even more changes such as changing the lettering on all company vehicles, the signage in front of company buildings and updating the look of the company website.

An important addition to your brand’s image

Overall, the letterhead provides an important addition to your brand’s image. It’s importance must not be underestimated when working on a company’s identity and stationery.

At Design and Print Centre we’ve printed thousands of letterheads. And we’ve done everything from the simplest, one-colour designs, all the way up to the full colour, with embossing, foiling, die cutting and much more.

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