This site was design simply to be an online gallery for the photographer, the main focus is to get people to view the pictures as simply as possible with as few distractions as possible.

Valentine Schmidt had just had an exhibition of a major series of her photography (Plunge), and she was receiving increasing interest from galleries as well as a groundswell of interest in the press. Valentine turned to Design and Print Centre to help her market the full range of her work online with a new website. Our design concept for the website revolved around one key characteristic: simplicity. It was integral to our design that the website itself did not detract in any way from Valentine’s photography.

In this situation it would have been all to easy to produce and overly-intricate website. Design and Print Centre’s Pete Roythorne shunned a flashy website in favour of a plain and simple design that really allows the photographs to speak for themselves, producing the effect of an online gallery. Both Valentine and DandPC feel the design delivered perfectly to brief, and this is an ongoing project for us.


Screen shot of the Valentine Schmidt photography web site designed by Design and Print Centre, Braintree