Creating and editing written and video content for leading global events industry IPTV channel and website ( 

This innovative webzine for the increasingly popular marketing discipline of live events was launched on the expertise of Design and Print Centre’s Ian Whiteling and Peter Roythorne, who are currently joint editors in chief of the website, generating and commissioning all content. written and edited by the Design and Print Centre in Braintree


EVENTS:review (


Pete and Ian had long seen the internet as the future of media and were keen to pioneer an online magazine that had no printed counterpart, but which used the latest streamed video technology to deliver engaging face to face interviews. The creators of the EVENTS:review concept approached Pete and Ian as renowned marketing writers to lead the content, both in writing and on video. Excited by the concept Pete and Ian now run the site, including presenting and scripting the high-quality video interviews. Already an events industry favourite, EVENTS:review’s audience and commercial potential is growing rapidly.

At DandPC we believe that soon all websites will have streamed video content, while many companies are realising the marketing potential of the well-crafted video interview rather than the bland, self-congratulatory corporate video. Not only is it more effective, convincing and engaging, but it can also works out a lot cheaper than even a run-of-the-mill corporate video.