Writing and research of the Business Week Global Meetings Strategies Supplement

Al Jazeera approached Design and Print Centre with a request to produce a number of large format posters and high quality sales brochure with embossed covers.

Business Week Global Meetings Strategies Supplement written and research by the Design and Print Centre in Braintree

Business Week magazine

Published in the US , Europe and China , Business Week is the renowned global monthly business magazine. Each issue carries a special section relating to a key or growing business sector. For the last two years, one of these sections has focused on the corporate events and exhibitions industry, which the magazine has commissioned Design and Print Centre’s Ian Whiteling to write. Approaching the subject from a business and marketing perspective, each year Ian has written a summary of the main developments in global events.

The 2006 feature focused specifically on China , one of the emerging global markets, which is becoming an increasingly important player in the international events industry. Drawing on the opinions of experts from China , the US and Europe , as well as his own specialist knowledge and the latest statistics, Ian delivered an insight into the growing popularity of events in China and the impact this is having elsewhere in the business and marketing communities.