Research and writing of two quarterly internal newsletters - The Source and Bunzl World - for the major outsourcing business with over 7,000 staff worldwide.

With 7,000 employees worldwide, outsourcing services multi-national Bunzl plc needs a way of communicating company developments and success stories to its workforce. Corporate magazine, Bunzl World was created, a quarterly publication written and researched by Design and Print Centre’s Ian Whiteling, who also helped update the design into a modern newspaper style. The writing style of the magazine had to fit in with the corporate visions and values of Bunzl, while the design had to complement the organisation’s brand image. Not only was the magazine used as a vital communications tool, linking all Bunzl staff across the globe, it was also a motivational tool, showing employees how well their colleagues were performing, encouraging them to also aim high and creating a sense of belonging to the Bunzl family. The magazine also acted as a marketing tool to potential customers, investors and recruits, showcasing Bunzl’s success stories and promoting the company as a caring organisation.

An internal corporate magazine of this nature requires exceptional public relations skills on behalf of the marketing and communications agency as it involves liaising with senior management, employees and customers. Essentially, Bunzl is passing over handling of a key element of its internal and external corporate communications, making trust a key element in the business relationship.


Business Week Global Meetings Strategies Supplement written and research by the Design and Print Centre in Braintree