Design and layout concepts for the revision of the college's annual prospectus, maintaining brand positioning and message, while emphasising the importance of student relationships.

Al Jazeera approached Design and Print Centre with a request to produce a number of large format posters and high quality sales brochure with embossed covers.

Esher College prospectus front cover designed and printed by the Design and Print Centre in Braintree

A spread from the Esha College prospectus written, designed and printed by the Design and Print Centre in Braintree

Esher College – Prospectus brochure 2007

One of the foremost higher education establishments in the UK, Esher College wanted design concepts for its annual prospectus, a brochure sent out to all new and prospective students containing key information about courses and facilities. However, the increasingly competitive nature of this segment of the education sector means the prospectus brochure also has to act as a marketing tool, selling the college, not only to potential students, but also to possible investors, while appealing to current stakeholders. Having carried out market research into the sector and visited the college, the Design and Print Centre team decided to focus the design of the prospectus brochure on the student culture, designing a range of vibrant, distinctive and engaging covers and pages.

The brochure designs not only complemented the college branding style, but also developed it further, taking it forward using collages and solo images of students at work and play, cleverly placing the key experiences Esher offers in an updated, modern setting. Using images taken of the Esher College students themselves, the aim was to appeal directly to prospective students (and of course their parents), show possible investors a professional and forward-looking establishment, aware of the importance of its brand and marketing potential, while clearly differentiating the college from its competitors.